Haiti's Fuel Crisis

Haiti is certainly no stranger to challenge, as we all know, but the last few months in particular have brought about an increased level of difficulty for anyone living and/or working in Haiti. Dramatic fuel shortages, prompted by a $130 million plus fuel debt held by the Haitian government, are paralyzing the country in many ways. One such way this paralysis is being felt is with the availability of diesel fuel for generators. Haiti consumes about 20,000 barrels of fuel a day with diesel being 65% of that total. Generators are widely used from the capital to the countryside to provide power and compensate for the poor energy grid that only covers about 20% of the country. With the fuel shortages, Haitians are left unable to power everything from their refrigerator to hospitals' surgical rooms. Businesses are being forced to closed because they simply cannot operate under the lack of electricity. This fuel crisis has been building for many years, and unfortunately, is unlikely to change anytime soon, as the government struggles to find a resolution to its debt. Fuel costs are likely to rise in the coming months, making it even more expensive to maintain generators. But, there is hope despite this grim energy outlook. DigitalKap has always believed in the strength of solar energy, but now more than ever, we believe it is the only way forward for Haiti. In addition to its environmental and health benefits, solar systems are becoming a must, as Haiti navigates fuel crises and diesel generators are less and less a viable option for power. We remain ever optimistic for the future of Haiti, but we sincerely and strongly believe solar energy must play an essential role in the path forward for our beloved country.

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