Energy24 is a portable home solar generator that can be purchased outright or through the first of its kind in the region, prepaid PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) program. With this technology, DigitalKap will bring clean, safe and affordable solar energy to 3 million people in Haiti by 2020. 


Call, email or stop by our retail store with any questions regarding purchasing our Energy24 products for your home, business or for a loved-one.


You can also initiate or complete your purchase below through our online store.

Revolutionary Technology


DigitalKap is proud to introduce Energy24, its PAYG line of household energy systems.  This product allows consumers to lease an Energy24 system and make mobile payments in order to activate the supply of power from the system.  Additional payments can be made to the system as desired to reactivate the power supply.  Energy24 gives every person access to solar energy at an affordable, incremental price and the ability to break their dependence on expensive, unsafe and inefficient sources of light and electricity.


The full line of Energy24 systems can also be purchased outright, in full.  These systems will be unlocked for a continuous flow of energy to the consumer.

Energy24 Products


DigitalKap offers 3 different systems in our line of Energy24 products.  Each system includes the unit, light and solar panel.  A 17" TV and fan can also be purchased with the Energy24 100 and Energy24 150 systems.  Energy24 can be purchased outright allowing for full, unrestricted use as shown below in "Cost to own outright" or through our PAYG model.

*can power anything under or up to 300W at one time

**can power anything under or up to 500W at one time



Shop our online store or visit our retail location in Delmas. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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